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SD&I_Are You Ready? No doubt about it—4G and Long Term Evolution (LTE) are the most highly anticipated developments in the global telecom marketplace. LTE is a new 4G mobile broadband standard pegged to replace 3G. But the question on the minds of many...

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The wireless revolution is here. Companies across the globe can effectively leverage 4G and LTE to ensure faster, enhanced, high-quality data communications. And in-building wireless solutions are leading the way. By empowering consumers and businesses with reliable and high-performance coverage in typically low coverage areas, in-building wireless is at the leading edge of the 4G revolution. Just make sure you do your homework and go with the right partner—and look before you leap!

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John Cardozo, director of North American Product Sales for Cellular Specialties has consulted CSI on US Wireless Carrier DAS installations for eight years. Previously he handled Point to Multipoint Broadband WLL infrastructure (MMDS, LMDS) deployments in Europe & Africa.

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"The wireless revolution allows companies to leverage 4G and LTE to ensure faster, enhanced and high-quality data communications."