Get Market-Centric!


 “With the slow economic recovery and reduced budgets, marketers of technology providers, resellers and integrators are forced to be creative in how they spend their limited funds and maintain the same, if not increased, level of exposure.”—Justin Smith, senior marketing manager, Siemens Industry, Inc.’s Security Solutions Business Unit

 “Financial ROI analyses, customer success stories and exceptional support—they all work. What doesn’t work is glitz, over-promising and shoddy support.”—Lee Caswell, Pivot3

“The tactic that continues to work is employing sales executives that consistently deliver a consultative approach to help solve customers’ business needs.”—Justin Smith, Siemens Industry

 “There are no gimmicks that work here. We look at every installation as a new opportunity to prove that open systems are the answer to this industry’s need for innovation, improved manageability and cost efficiency.” —Lee Caswell, Pivot3

“We leverage all the tools that work well in this industry and the ones that work best include social and electronic media, tailoring marketing messages to specific segments of the market, strong customer support and building a long-term partnership with partners and customers.” —Jumbi Edulbehram, Next Level Security Systems

“It's critical to create an ROI plan for the marketing individual on the team.”—Kourtney Govro, Sphere3