Eye on Troublesome Patterns

SDI_0611_Ohio State University project profile_Eye on Troublesome Patterns

While the initial system is analog, they digitize all of the analog video and put it on the university's IP server. A DVR records images from every camera so security can pull DVRs for review. All video moves via USB connections.

Standard Pelco Spectra III Series domes cameras and Spectra IV PTZ units serve the test network. They are among the hundreds of cameras currently serving the campus. The university is interested in incorporating their research cameras into the main security network. Those stations are served by a mix of Pelco and Bosch cameras. The system will work with Pelco and Bosch cameras as well as products from Sony. The software is Windows XP-based and runs on Dell computers. Another challenge that the university faced with the design of the system was the choice between a hardwired-base or wireless interface. Davis chose to go with hardwired, rather than wireless, mainly due to possible interference.

The university does not yet plan to take the system beyond the OSU campus but would consider outside offers.