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Of course, video verification technology is becoming more in demand as budgets of local law enforcement in many municipalities become strained and laws are enacted to raise revenue via fines and penalties. Other interactive monitoring solutions we provide are our Video Doorman and Safe Lobby applications. These provide the end-users with safety and convenience, are economical, combine multiple systems and give our security staff the ability to interact remotely with building staff, tenants and visitors for a fraction of the cost of on-site personnel.

Scott Haugland, chief operating officer, Sureview Systems, Tampa, Fla.—We see the future of central stations and the monitoring industry as explosive growth of video. More end-users are specifically requesting video monitoring due to increased security concerns, high man-guard costs or video verification requirements by law enforcement. As a result, we continue to improve and advance our Immix product line to meet our customers' demands. The new Immix Cloud product will be released in Q3 this year. The Immix Cloud product provides a platform for our customers to establish their own private cloud, enabling them to offer advanced video monitoring services, customize those services and allow end-users to view their video via IPhone, IPods and Androids. Immix Cloud has been architected for the explosive growth of video-monitored and video-verified sites connected to our extensive customer base.

Lindsay Grauling, vice president of Operations, Vivint, Provo, Utah— We are always listening to our customers input and needs and central stations are what they currently desire. Our primary goal is watching out for the safety and security of our customers. With a central station, we provide around-the-clock protection. Our customers have peace of mind with our monitoring, knowing we can dispatch immediately in case of an emergency. Vivint provides two-way monitoring where we can interact with our customers and our customers can interact with us, ensuring they stay safe and secure. As we move further into the home automation space we look forward to various ways central stations can improve our customers' experience. The vision is always having the best connection to the customer. Real-time technology is a growing trend and Vivint is committed to offering the latest innovations and best solutions for our customers.

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Secure Global Solutions' (SGS) Network Navigator (via a Virtual Private Network) creates a permanent tunnel available to a company to connect instantly to all sites over port 443/tcp with a single user sign-on. The second service offered is monitoring. Once a connection is established (plug the device in and wait for the blue light heartbeat) access is controlled through the SGS 24-hour Network Operations Center (NOC). Visit 100.

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Bosch Security Systems' Conettix D6200 central station receiver software includes a GSM/VoIP compensation mode and features digital signal processing technology that enhances the performance of receivers when interpreting these signals by more than 75 percent. Visit 101.

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Linear's DXS-LRP is part of a line of personal emergency transmitters that work with the company's PERS products. It has a long lasting lithium ion battery; is shock- and water-resistant; and has a recessed activation button to avoid accidental transmissions. Visit 102.

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Micro Key Solutions' Mobile Virtual Operator application is designed for installing technicians in the field to test the zones and to receive instantaneous status updates without having to call in and speak to an operator or use older phone technology. Visit 103.

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DMP's SCS-VR Virtual Receiver is a software solution that runs on servers operating as a virtual receiver for network IP and cellular IP alarm communications. UL1610-classified, it can be used as the primary receiver or backup to existing hardware receivers. It is NIST-validated for its AES encryption to be used for high-security applications. Visit 104.