Can You Hear Me Now?

SDI_0711_Intrusion Sensors_Can You Hear Me Now?

Another tip from Rietschel to maximize audio quality is to provide CD-quality audio and high dynamic range. “You need multiple microphones for any camera that provides an overview of a large area,” he said. “A microphone 30 feet from the source won’t detect whispering or low-volume conversations.” Audio quality is maximized by placing the microphones and the speakers in the right locations. “A camera with a cheap speaker, a poor microphone and a phone codec will provide miserable audio quality,” Rietschel said. A typical ISDN phone codec immediately loses the dynamic range required to pick up certain audio sources. “It makes sense to separate the audio and video in terms of devices, perhaps using an IP audio device and camera with no audio and strategically placing the microphones and speakers to intelligibly pick up as much audio as possible,” he continued.

Another non-technical key to success is to review local laws and be aware of what signage and notification are required from the compliance point of view.


Nuts and bolts as a sound solution

Audio is gaining ground and whether you choose to implement it with your video now or later, it is important to educate yourself on the capabilities. Keep pace with the developments, know what to do and what you need to make this solution part of your customers’ interactive security platform.



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