ESA and CSAA Race to Charlotte for ESX Show

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) and the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) raced to the Charlotte Convention Center in early June for the ESX show and the results were positive all around.

Systems integrators, dealers, manufacturers and distributors gathered for days of educational topics, exhibits and lots of fun networking events—including a pub crawl that included bull riding and karaoke.

Leading industry honors

One of the well-known events is the presentation of the Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year Award, which went to Michael A. Miller of Moon Security and the Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award, presented to to LJ Lynes of Stanley Security Solutions.

The Weinstock Person of the Year Award was initiated by the family of Morris F. Weinstock to honor the lifetime work of the ESA co-founder and past president. Miller was lauded for his tireless efforts to the organization and equally surprised when his mother and two sisters came on stage during the awards ceremony at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Miller has been involved in the security industry since the late 1970s. He served ESA of Washington as president three times. In 2005, Miller was honored with the Sarah E. Jackson Memorial Award for his outstanding leadership as a committee chair. (The Weinstock award was sponsored by Interlogix).

“I think I can make a difference, I said to my wife, when I asked permission to take on the role of president,” Miller told the audience. “I owe a lot to my wife and my family so I could go out and take on the important role of president. My mentor, George Gunning, said to remember all my stakeholders, and that’s what I did.”

LJ Lynes, a national training instructor for Stanley Works, received the 2011 Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award for his dedication and leadership as chairman of the ESA Education Committee. He was commended for his efforts to raise the standard of education across the country. He serves as national liaison director for the Tennessee Electronic Security Association. (The Sara E. Jackson Memorial award was sponsored by Honeywell Security Group.)

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