The Next-Generation Broadband Home

A number of home security providers are changing the game and suffice to say, it’s not only those that reside as providers in the electronic security industry. Comcast, who first offered their XFINITY Home Security service to Houston residents mid 2010 is now rolling out the service to six additional U.S. market areas, in parts of Philadelphia, Portland, Ore., Jacksonville, Fla., Sarasota/Naples, Fla., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Nashville, Tenn. (Additional markets will be introduced on a rolling basis). Now, the nationwide provider most known for their Internet and home entertainment services has the backing of broadband home management software-provider iControl Networks, Palo Alto, Calif., whose OpenHome software platform now powers Comcast’s XFINITY Home Security package.

“Home security is going to be the basis for the broadband home,” explained Jim Johnson, co-chief executive officer of iControl Networks. “It is about to change. We get a lot of inquiries about applications not only related to energy management but home healthcare. There are many home monitoring and elderly home healthcare device manufacturers that are approaching us to enter our partner program and become authorized manufacturers. And this resonates with consumers. They are the ones who should start looking for those types of capabilities in a home security platform.”

A number of partnerships among home security providers drive this market right now. Johnson confirmed the company will continue to expand its iControl program to other hardware and application partners, with several being announced in near-future months. For the full story, visit