‘Fusion’ is the Future

LATA on the look-out for serious solutions for its customers


Biometrics comes on big

One such ‘fusion’ technology LATA recently tested (one of the first installations of the product) at its Chicago offices is the SafeRise System by FST21 Americas, Burlington, Mass. SafeRise uses second-generation biometrics with a fusion of facial, voice, license plate and pattern of behavior recognition to provide automated identity management access while maintaining the highest level of security. No key, card or codes are required.

The solution, which has a growing base of U.S. installations and is a winner of numerous product accolades, including the SIA NPS 2011 Best New Product Award at ISC West, (see: “Biometrics Fusion” story in box at left) integrates biometrics facial and voice recognition, video analytics and intuitive software. Avi Lupo, chief executive officer, said the product is easy to use and enroll users and is ultra secure. In addition, it adds management and accountability functions to the technology, adding value and more than security.

“We work hard to identify and test what we feel is the best of breed technology,” Anderson said. “I worked closely with Avi Lupo and told him I would consider recommending and deploying SafeRise for our clients if we could install it in our offices, have our team try to ‘break’ it or defeat it, and prove if it really works. We always test various systems for our customers. At the end of the day, as a consulting-engineering team, it’s our word on the street and our reputation at stake,” Anderson said. “We are very impressed with the FST21 technical team and the SafeRise performance to date. I believe many of our clients can benefit from this system.”

LATA’s Al Ruiz said it’s a “solid solution.” “The fusion of technology made it exciting to us,” he said. “With SafeRise, we can expand it vertically or horizontally and can interconnect it via the network. We can segment the system on the network by who takes control of the access and who takes control of the video.”

Ruiz said it’s more than security. “It’s personal identification. There are no keys, no cards; but it can generate and run activity reports so you know who is coming in and when, and set alerts in real time.”

“We are creating a new segment in the industry,” added Lupo. “We are humanizing access control and it can be controlled manually on site and remotely. Sometime in the future we envision a kiosk/standalone version of the product. There are currently some 19 installations of SafeRise, including affordable housing, retirement homes, schools, etc. It’s not only security, it’s true convenience to change people’s lives,” Lupo said.

LATA is a systems integrator and engineering consultant firm that works with and researches best of breed solutions and tests them to make sure they fit their customer’s needs. It’s on the cutting edge of what it terms a fusion of technologies, a trend it sees continuing to influence emerging markets and security.