The Rising Stature of Mobile Surveillance

mobile video

Video solves the main problem of a surveillance event, delivering an image of the perpetrator that broke into your business or trespassed on the perimeter. But video doesn’t always tell the entire story.

The integration of audio into the surveillance operation is becoming increasingly common. Audio delivers another element of information that would otherwise be missing, allowing the user to gather more detail on the nature of the event and the potential suspects. The increased integration of speakers into IP cameras, or connectivity of external public address systems or loudspeakers to surveillance cameras, means that delivering audio over a network with video is easier than ever.

Enabling a reliable alarm verification service as part of a mobile surveillance operation will also go a long way in eliminating the costs of outsourcing surveillance operations to companies with fixed, remote services.

The world of mobile surveillance is still in the formative years, but there are a number of options on the market to get started, and a variety of applications to test. Other emerging applications include remote business intelligence, situational awareness, central station monitoring and deterrence. We expect to see these opportunities grow sharply as quality of service and network capacity for mobile users strengthen in the coming months and years.



Sri L. Palasamudram is the chief executive officer of mobiDEOS Inc., Milpitas, Calif.,