Take the Express Train with Retrofit IP Audio

NJ transit upgrades with IP audio

The other method expands beyond the PBX system to central paging consoles. This is essentially a true paging system that can support pre-page chimes, grouping, zone selection and connectivity to other master paging stations—especially useful, for example, in “lockdown” situations on university campuses and other multi-building properties where flexibility in addressing specific end points is required.

In this scenario, master paging stations or workstations act as paging sources, independent of any central system. A PBX phone system can still be integrated as a paging source via the SIP protocol. A master paging station essentially supports better audio quality and voice intelligibility than a traditional PBX phone system—potentially making a difference in emergency situations.

Value adds like background music, SIP communication, priority paging, PoE and reduced infrastructure, such as integrating the traditional standalone amplifier into the decoder or speaker at the end point, are all possibilities when moving your paging and public address operation to the IP environment.