Success Stories: Transportation Security

A roundup of recent unique security applications & installations

Parking garages and outdoor parking lots adjacent to airports also require a diligent approach when it comes to security. Proper access points planning, emergency phones and surveillance all play an important role in terror plot prevention. CTA’s Park and Ride lots use a combination emergency phone towers and pan/tilt/zoom surveillance cameras to quickly zero in on any emergency situation.


New Terminal at Delhi Airport Features IP Security Management

IndigoVision’s integrated end-to-end IP Video solution has been used for a 3,700-plus camera surveillance system at Delhi International Airport (DIAL) in its new Terminal 3. The new terminal was built as part of the massive infrastructure development for Delhi ahead of the highly successful 2010 Commonwealth Games. Delhi is India’s second largest airport and with the recent expansion can handle 34 million passengers per year.

Airports create demanding security environments, with multiple operators from different agencies and departments requiring access to live and recorded video 24/7, from different locations in and around the terminal building. This requires the surveillance system to be flexible, reliable, easy to use and low-maintenance in order to avoid any delays or problems in the operation of the airport.

The supplier’s Control Center Security Management Software is at the heart of the system and is used by operators throughout the airport. A distributed architecture enables Control Center workstations to be used at any point on the network, and the software provides advanced Identification Authentication Management (IAM) features, which ensure only the operators with the correct permissions are allowed to access the video. For added security, 120 cameras for the Immigration department have been allocated to a separate site database, recording on its own Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

A total of 80 workstations have been installed in three separate control rooms; the Airport Operation Control Centre (AOCC), situated in the terminal; the Airport Security Building (ASB), located off-site 850 feet away; and in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) centre, where aircraft ground movements are monitored. The AOCC, which is the main monitoring centre for the airport, boasts the biggest video wall in Asia. The 32x16-foot wall holds 28 70-inch screens that display the information inputs from all the airport departments through live camera feeds. Each screen can display up to 25 multiple camera images, providing the AOCC with the capacity to display 700 images at one time.

Monitoring so many cameras in such a complex building is a major task for any security team. DIAL has extensively deployed the supplier’s real-time analytics, which run at the network-edge in the IP cameras and encoders, to help operators improve efficiency and incident response. Analytics are configured to create alarms when certain conditions in a camera scene are met, automatically alerting operators to potential problems.

The airport uses a total of 57 of the supplier’s 10TB NVRs for recording video continuously for 30 days from all of the cameras. Ten of the NVRs are used as backups if the primary NVR goes offline.


Sonoma County Airport Deploys Security Management System

Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport in Sonoma County, California has chosen AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Security Management System (SMS) to upgrade its current security system and secure its newly expanded airport terminal.

AMAG and Electronic Innovations, an automatic entry and security management company, worked together to upgrade the current security system and to provide the newly renovated terminal with a security solution that will control access to the airfield, terminal and private areas.

The Symmetry SMS will be integrated with OnSSI’s video surveillance Ocularis system to provide airport security staff with an IP-based security solution. The system monitors and controls access to the airfield, terminal and other private areas via Symmetry’s ID badging. Twelve remote gates will be tied wirelessly to the Symmetry SMS that includes approximately 60 HID RK40 readers. Security alerts are automatically sent to key personnel’s PDAs and cell phones to provide instant notification of an alarm.

The Sonoma County Airport received $1,685,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to remodel and expand the passenger terminal, and is using an additional $750,000 of Passenger Facility Charge fees to add the security management system.