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Smart phones carrying digital keys and portable identity credentials may render traditional keys obsolete

SIOs are device-independent, and provide an additional layer of security on top of device-specific security, acting as a data wrapper that provides authentication and additional encryption. Therefore, SIOs can reside on traditional contactless memory cards as well as microprocessor-based cards like SmartMX, smartphones with NFC capabilities and many other formats. Because they are bound to specific devices by using device-unique properties, SIOs also prevent card cloning, and the use of open standards means they can be defined to support a variety of data types, including access control, biometric templates, vending, time-and-attendance and other applications. SIOs use open standards for authentication and encryption and these can be upgraded as new stronger methods emerge.

Editor’s Note: This story is a follow-up on Dr. Hulusi’s article, “Alternate Trusted ID Systems,” which appeared in the May issue of STE. Check out the archives at SecurityInfoWatch.com/magazine/ste to read the first article.


Dr. Tam Hulusi is the senior vice president responsible for innovation and intellectual property for HID Global. In this role, he is responsible for expanding the value of HID’s worldwide technology assets for customers and partners by optimizing the value-added component of current technologies, as well as leveraging his experience to bring emerging technologies to market. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Dr. Hulusi holds a Ph.D. in physics.