Preparation Delivers Payoff for Hollywood Casino Security

Hollywood Casino surveillance control center

“The ability to pull the LCD screen in front of you when you need to touch which cameras you want without having to reach three or four feet is very nice,” said Burnett. “And that was just one of the great things that this console enabled us to achieve.” The console was also customized with returns in between workstations that provide added desktop workspace as well as file storage underneath.

“When you’re dealing with surveillance agents, you’re not dealing with everybody coming in at 6’2.” You have some operators that are 5’ tall and some that are 6’3,” so to be able to sit down at this workstation and be able to do their job comfortably because it was designed correctly is fantastic,” said Burnett.

The back console consists of essentially two workstations for managers but allows enough workspace for two agents from the Indiana Gaming Commission, which operates onsite, to observe activities.

The managers are the ones overseeing all operations in the control room. They are the ones approving everything. They’re also the ones that evaluate players.

The managers’ console is set up to allow unobstructed views of the monitor wall and the entire control room. Two 50-inch plasma mounts on the left and right side of the station for tracking and viewing.

“The consoles give us the cable management we need when we’re dealing with so much digital equipment. Every station has its own digital workstation, which means there are a lot of cables,” said Krabbe. “But when I walk out there I only see three cables and each one goes to an LCD and is threaded inside the monitor mounting post.”

Cable trays run within the consoles to hide the cables without restricting access. The consoles also have doors on the front and back and CPU shelves on the inside of the doors that allow Burnett and his team of technicians easy access to the electronics inside.

A Dupont Corian work surface was selected for the consoles for its long-term durability but also for aesthetics and flexibility down the road.

The new consoles made for an easy transition for the surveillance agents and managers from previous systems to the new state-of-the-art surveillance system at Hollywood Casino. Burnett reported that he doesn’t have any agents getting stiff necks anymore.

“It paid doing a lot of homework from our side,” added Krabbe.