PSIM Makes Security Systems Easy To Use

Technology continues to churn along at a furious pace within the security industry. While it can leave the security practitioner almost dizzy trying to keep pace with the changes, new technology also means integrators can continually provide their customers with new and improved systems to help protect people and property.

Internet hastens integration

Another goal of these enhancements is to make it easier for the customer to collect and control massive amounts of data from their many security, and non-security systems. Traditionally, organizations have utilized proprietary network communications technology to handle the high volume of alerts produced by their control systems. The worldwide move to IP communication, however, continues to progress; a trend confirmed by the successful test of IPv6 in June. This worldwide test is expected to speed up the security industry’s shift towards making information more available and accessible.

This new communication technology will accelerate the adoption of the relatively new system monitoring solution PSIM. PSIM is designed to ensure incidents are no longer trapped within an organization’s various security systems, but rather are brought together in context and integrated into the customers’ policies and operations for rapid analysis and resolution. It is able to recognize events and automatically call up specific step-by-step processes so operators are able to more efficiently address the situation and automatically create incident reports for internal and external compliance purposes.

As more physical security departments count on the enterprise’s IP network for the transmission of their data, an organization’s IT department must take an active role in physical security through the selection and implementation of the PSIM system. Thus the emergence of PSIM is beginning to foster collaboration between these two departments.

A PSIM solution offers a picture of all security activity in a single view in real time, managing information in a way that helps to better protect people and property. There’s no longer a need to try to watch all the consoles in the security center at the same time. From that one view, a security operator can view input from communications systems and integration modules to:

  • Observe alarm locations and alerts on a geospatial map
  • Manage and prioritize alerts based on templates and policies
  • Watch live and recorded video simultaneously
  • Snap video images and export video
  • Support multiple instances of video console on a single workstation
  • Utilize advanced mega pixel PTZ cameras
  • Deploy alerts to officers in the field
  • Monitor the operational status of security and non-security systems

Among its many features, a PSIM solution allows the operator to display security resources, track moving objects, develop incident reports, notify first responders, and open two-way communication between the security office and field officers.

One of the top providers of PSIM software is Proximex, based in California’s Silicon Valley. Proximex understands the relationship between infrastructure and enterprise applications and provides corporate security practitioners with the necessary solutions through the company’s flagship product, Surveillint.

Surveillint was launched to high acclaim at the ISC West 2006 exhibition in Las Vegas and at the American Association of Airport Executives 2006 conference in San Diego. Since then, Surveillint has been installed throughout a diverse list of customers and operating environments, including Amtrak, the Port of Long Beach, San Diego International Airport and many others.

Proximex goes to ADT, brand will remain

It was the combination of the Proximex technology, leadership, design teams and market success that led ADT to take serious notice of the company. In April of this year, ADT acquired Proximex, which is being operated by the ADT Commercial business. Proximex will retain its branding and continue to maintain its relationships with customers, manufacturers and vendors.

Going forward, PSIM will support the growth of ADT’s business by serving as a foundation for managed service offerings. This important addition to the ADT Commercial business demonstrates how ADT Commercial is broadening its position as the leading enterprise security systems integrator.

As ADT continues to seek ways to help keep customers safe through new technologies, the emergence of PSIM is recognized as a major industry shift from the traditional, separately operated technology silos. It is important to remember that people are using these systems. And by making it easier for people to do their jobs, ADT helps enable them to perform better and more effectively protect their property and people.