STE Innovation Award Bronze Medal: Security System Saves StandardAero

There’s no sense in implementing a security program if there’s no business to secure. That’s the thought that kept crossing my mind — and likely my executives’ minds — as we read the angry e-mails from our primary customers, aircraft...

StandardAero, by implementing eEscort, is able to stress the point to the customers that they are not being monitored specifically; rather, the assets around them are being monitored. Their customers “regain” their freedom, and the company was able to present a revolutionary solution to the DHS as an alternative to physical escorting.

Of course, central monitoring provides little value without a contingency response plan to specifically address suspicious behavior. If suspicious behavior is observed on the monitors, central monitoring can alert personnel in the operations areas via phone to respond immediately.


Security Turns into a Competitive Advantage

With eEscort, StandardAero was able to turn a security issue on the verge of crippling a portion of the business into a competitive advantage by better securing customer aircraft without hindering the customers’ ability to work freely in the hangars. This innovative system is the first of its kind.

On top of that, the system saved a chunk of StandardAero’s business — a point that cannot be understated. To meet the security requirement of a physical escort, the company had no choice but to seek other options. The technological development of eEscort revolutionized visitor management by creating a welcoming experience, while ensuring the safety and security of the people, property and information under its control.

Now, staff is able to monitor visitors on-screen and only need to focus on those being escorted and the aircrafts surrounding them. Many of the responses to the eEscort survey have been favorable and positive. Wrote a recent customer: “The eEscort system is the best system I have run into. I visit most aircraft maintenance facilities and nothing compares.”

That’s a far better response than the angry e-mails the company originally received.

The future looks bright for the eEscort program. A final rule is in the works with TSA to potentially issue a requirement for physical escorting for all airport-located repair stations, regardless of ownership. eEscort could be a solution used more broadly in the coming years.


Melissa Maddox is vice president, legal risk management for StandardAero. Now in its seventh year, the Security Innovation Award is an annual competition held by Security Technology Executive magazine. Of the dozens of projects entered, the winning (top four) projects are chosen by a panel of security industry experts. The awards are open to vendors, systems integrators, VARs, and security or risk executives who want to share their successful collaborative efforts in crafting a unique security solution for a particular end-user. Winning projects included innovative use of technology, along with significant contributions from the vendor/manufacturer and integrator/consultant. For more details or to learn about entering next year’s competition, contact editor Steve Lasky at