Wireless Mesh to the Rescue

Muggings, home break-ins, armed robberies, drug deals and even medical emergencies have been caught on the Bethlehem, Pa. Police Department’s wireless video surveillance system since it was first deployed in September 2009. Bethlehem has had...

While most of the success stories are real-time apprehensions of criminals by police alerted to an incident by a dispatcher, many are also after-the-fact apprehensions coming from reviewing video recordings that are stored for up to 30 days. For example, one recording helped police identify a car thief when in review the video showed the suspect parking a stolen car.

Today, municipalities do not have unlimited budgets, nor easy access to grants. They must rely more on grassroots efforts for funding and prove their success before expansion. “Bethlehem is an example of the performance and flexibility of a video surveillance system required by law enforcement. The project also shows that public safety video surveillance is an excellent investment, especially in today’s environment of strained municipal budgets,” says Bo Larsson, CEO of Firetide. “Wireless greatly speeds projects and reduces infrastructure costs, especially in city environments where it would be cost-prohibitive and disruptive to dig up sidewalks and close streets for construction.”