What Will Security Look Like in 2020?

By the year 2020, what should “security” look like? Organizations are now more complex than ever before, and there is no evidence that the next eight years will reverse this trend. Companies have adapted to succeed in a global and decentralized...

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Francis J. D’Addario is Emeritus Faculty member for Strategic Influence and Innovation for the Security Executive Council (www.securityexecutivecouncil.com). He served as the vice president of Partner and Asset Protection for Starbucks Coffee (1997-2009). His most recent publication is: Not a Moment to Lose: Influencing Global Security One Community at a Time.


Bob Hayes is Managing Director of the Security Executive Council. He has more than 25 years of experience in security, including eight years as the CSO at Georgia Pacific and nine years as security operations manager at 3M.


Kathleen Kotwica, PhD, is EVP and Chief Knowledge Strategist for the Security Executive Council. She develops strategies and processes to identify, store, understand, build upon, and disseminate the Council’s Collective Knowledge™ and insights.


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