Convergence Q&A: The ROI of Being IT-Savvy

I and many of my colleagues on the ASIS IT Security Council can easily take our IT knowledge for granted, and a recent experience during a video security system acceptance test brought its value home. The situation reminded me of a question that I am...

Now, the customer is wondering if the integrator is sufficiently qualified to install the other three larger systems that they need at other properties.

How would the training session have started had network monitoring software been in place? The integrator’s tech would have held up his smart phone, showing the customer’s IT tech the message about excessive packet retries and packet loss. “Bad cable; threw me for a minute,” is all he would need to have said. That would have been a simple demonstration of competence.

Now that nearly all of our security systems require networks, when will integrators realize that they need to adopt simple network management practices? Maybe it will take an embarrassment or two. Or a few lost projects…but I hope not.


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