STE Security Innovation Award Honorable Mention: PSIM Takes Flight

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport’s solution puts a wide range of security information at dispatchers’ fingertips

Lyon says that response plans for hurricanes and other weather events are already embedded in the system, but as importantly, he can also readily adapt those plans or create new procedures on the fly. “If an outside agency comes in and needs to do something different, I can implement new procedures very quickly without having to re-program anything. Situator gives us a lot of flexibility, and that’s important because you have to be flexible when it comes to disasters that involve different agencies and responses that fall outside of your normal business processes.”

In addition, because the PSIM system is open and connects to security and safety systems through the use of gateways, it offers adaptability into the future. “Airport challenges are not going to go away,” Lyon says. “We are going to be monitoring more cameras, more doors, and needing to comply with changes in procedures with the TSA. I’m confident that the system is going to be able to expand to meet those challenges.”


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Now in its seventh year, the Security Innovation Award is an annual competition held by STE. Of the dozens of projects entered, the winning (top four) projects are chosen by a panel of security industry experts. The awards are open to vendors, systems integrators, VARs, and security or risk executives. Winning projects included innovative use of technology, along with significant contributions from the vendor/manufacturer and integrator/consultant. For more details or to learn about entering next year’s competition, contact editor Steve Lasky at