Unified Video

Integrated video management system enables Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to handle its ever-changing security monitoring needs

Using the new victor unified video client and VideoEdge NVR from American Dynamics, all IP and Intellex DVRs’ analog video streams from Dana-Farber’s 500 cameras are seamlessly integrated into a single system and user interface. Instead of toggling between different applications on their monitors, dispatchers can be concerned only about the content of the video and fulfilling their regular duties — not which recording technology the video is being generated from. “This approach allowed the institute to extend the life of our existing Intellexes,” Nerette explains. “Rather than rip-and-replace, we were able to focus our new investments on state-of-the-art IP technology as part of the Yawkey expansion. This let us strategically add IP cameras in additional key areas and save money.”

The 200 new IP cameras at The Yawkey Center and a handful of other camera clusters are recorded on four VideoEdge NVRs from American Dynamics, with two NVRs for fail-over to ensure no interruptions in operation. On average, 30 days of video is stored per camera on the institute’s 70TB of external iSCSI storage.

With dispatchers viewing some 60 cameras view up at any given time, those unified operations are crucial to the workflow of the command center, according to Robert O’Rourke, Account Executive, Tesla Systems. “One of the unique challenges of this project was to integrate the analog and IP video technologies to make them function seamlessly together,” he says. “The command center has two 42-inch monitors and 14 other 20-inch screens, with video coming in from five remote locations, so there was a lot of complexity.”

Another essential requirement of the system was the ability to easily share video with other users within Dana-Farber, all while safeguarding unauthorized views and exports of the footage. With victor’s embedded policy management functions, Nerette is able to grant secure access to other users of the CCTV system — outside of the security and facilities maintenance divisions — to view video from specific live feeds or recorded video only from other areas of the facility from designated cameras. These groups also cannot export any video as part of the victor policy management deployment.

Security staff in the institute’s command center will soon have even one less standalone system to monitor. With an upgrade to Software House’s C•CURE 9000 security monitoring platform planned for sometime next year, Dana-Farber will be able to use the upcoming 2012 victor system as a single unified event and security management platform to integrate the card access functions, as well as fire and other building management functions, according to Tom Leonard, president of Team AVS.