CareerLink: Shifting trends in the public to private transition

More people leaving government to pursue corporate careers as businesses look elsewhere

The point I am suggesting is there is an opportunity for both sides to improve their understanding of each other’s world. I believe the public sector will continue to feed the corporate security community for many years to come, because both sides have a lot to offer the community. However, we can do much more to educate both sides on what the other brings to the table, and encourage public-private relationships that build that understanding outside of the context of event or crisis response.

The biggest challenge for those transitioning to the private sector is converting their skills to bringing measurable value in business. In my next few columns I plan to explore some ways to do this.

Jerry Brennan is co-author of the book Security Careers and content expert faculty for the Security Executive Council. He is also founder of Security Management Resources, the leading global executive search firm specializing exclusively in corporate security. The new edition of Security Careers includes more than 70 security job descriptions and career paths; up-to-date compensation trends for each position; tips on how to get the best compensation for yourself and your staff; comprehensive lists of certifications, member organizations and job resources; and resume tips and samples.