Who We Are

TAKEX (formerly known as PULNiX) was established in 1959 in Kyoto, Japan where the first transistor optical sensor and photoelectric counter was developed. Established in the U.S. in 1982 with operations in Santa Clara, Calif., our products are installed worldwide to protect a wide variety of places including residential, commercial and industrial locations.

TAKEX is a recipient of several awards including Japan’s National Medal of Honor with a Yellow Ribbon for the research and development of sensor technology; and the Invention Prize of the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions. Whether it is a home, business, electrical substation, water treatment plant, nuclear facility or even Royal families, we continue to represent the very best in advanced engineering with our superior technology and unmatched quality throughout our entire product line of motion, flame, microwave and photoelectric beam sensors.

Technologies & Features

TAKEX Twin and Quad infrared beams offer reliable performance in situations where lighting conditions are a potential concern. They use a patented double modulation process of interlacing the infrared (IR) signal at two different frequencies. The unique pattern created by this process can’t be duplicated by other IR light sources. The receiver also contains a patented phase lock loop circuit that locks onto the double-modulated signal and ignores other forms of infrared light. This patented process—not like competitors—assures you of a high integrity system that withstands attempts to defeat it.

Double modulation also provides a superior external light rejection capability. TAKEX experience and engineering excellence ensures filtering of up to 50,000 lux of direct or reflected light. This includes sources from high power vehicle lights, patrol personnel flashlights and direct sunlight. TAKEX light filtering is unmatched in the industry.
TAKEX sensors are designed with installer-friendly features including non-polarity input power and Form “C”; or selectable N.O./N.C. output relays for most devices. This enables our sensors to be easily integrated with other equipment without the need for extra parts. Our new ER-02 wireless alignment meter makes setting up and aligning most TAKEX beams simple, easy and fast, requiring one person, saving labor time and cost.

Quality Control

TAKEX manufactures quality products made from quality materials. Every TAKEX product—made with only the finest materials— is still proudly made in Japan where we can ensure the best workmanship is provided and is “hot tested” prior to being packaged, affirming for the end user that a product will work efficiently and reliably upon installation. Because of its utmost certainty in its manufacturing process, TAKEX America provides a five-year replacement warranty on all sensor products sold.

How to Contact:

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