At ASIS 2011 show, an extra focus on information security

Aug. 10 -- At this year’s ASIS International tradeshow in Orlando, Fla. (Sept. 19-22), not only will you find the full complement of cameras, gates, and guards on the show floor, but thanks to a new partnership with information security organization (ISC)2, you’ll find network and computer security solutions.

The two organizations have established a program where (ISC)2 will collocate its annual “Security Congress” with ASIS International annual Seminars and Exhibits. Like ASIS, (ISC)2 will offer a full complement of education for its members, and its tradeshow will be held on the same show floor as the ASIS exhibitors.

Attendees to either the (ISC)2 or the ASIS International show will have joint access to the other group’s seminars and exhibits at no extra cost. Registration for the ASIS International show offers discounts for ASIS members. For ASIS or (ISC)2 non-members, a full conference registration is $1,185, an exhibits only registration is $75, and a one-day pass is $585. A discounted rate ($100 off these fees) ends on Friday. All in all, the combined ASIS International tradeshow and seminars experience is expected to bring together some 20,000 persons from around the world.

Leaders of the ASIS International and (ISC)2 organization said that the collocation provides a benefit to both organizations.

“It’s a member benefit issue,” explained 2011 ASIS International President Ray O’Hara. “We drive education to our members, and we believe the cyber side is important to our members. It just made sense to allow members to do some double-dipping and get exposed to the other side of the security house.”

Hord Tipton, the executive director for (ISC)2, said that the IT world was recognizing the same movement. “We’re seeing a merge toward an integrated traditional and logical security environment, particularly with the onslaught of mobile devices, the sophisticated phones and tablets. These are physical assets that carry a lot of information.” Also, said Tipton, “more and more security devices on our perimeters, like cameras, are moving into the IP space, so they are touching logical security.

Tipton said (ISC)2’s education track will hit up on such hot topics as software and application security, mobile device security, cloud computing and the impact of social media. “One that we are putting a lot of emphasis on is application security. That happened to be the number one concern when we did our global poll of over 10,000 security specialists. We’ve been working on this education for 4 years, and we have a two-day track focused on application and software security.”

O’Hara said those interests affect physical security practitioners as well. “The social issues are paramount in today’s world. As every minute goes by, the access to information is driving the world. People want access to that information no matter where they are or what device they are on.”

O’Hara added that identity management is another topic paramount to both groups and highlighted a seminar session (#3212) on Tuesday at 1:45 p.m. that examines identity management at the World Trade Center. It features a presentation from Louis Barani, the general manager of security programs for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The 2011 ASIS show also features an “Accolades” program which recognizes new security products as well as a track designed for systems integration professionals. Tipton noted that (ISC)2 will be showcasing its security leadership awards at the event, and both O’Hara and Tipton said that part of the value of attending the combined event are the associated networking events available to attendees. Keynote events at ASIS 2011 include addresses that commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as well as presentations from former Mexican president Vicente Fox and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Potential attendees can find a full schedule of events on the 2011 ASIS show website.