How text messaging helps your security department

Take a cue from sporting stadiums and use text message-based programs to your security advantage

"Text messaging has been a huge bonus to us. It is an early warning system. Fans in the stands are going to pick up on those [security incident] indicators before police or our security people might know. That allows us to intervene on the early side. We can send someone down to talk to that fan so that we don't have to get to the point where they need to be ejected or arrested."

Most facility managers I spoke with at the conference said that it was a sports security tactic that could also be applied in the corporate facility world as well, especially on corporate campuses and multi-floor office towers. The reality is that a certain percentage of your guests and employees are now more likely to send you a text than to actually call your security office. Adapt to that social change and use it to your advantage!

About the author: Geoff Kohl is editor-in-chief and associate publisher of