The security week that was: 06/24/11 (Alarm call center tips)

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Point one: Randomly listen to your calls. As an owner, operator, manager, you need to do this, but you also need to have your customer service people listening to calls as well. Have them listen to both good and bad calls, as it will help them realize what they sound like.

Point two: Don't just capture audio of calls, but you should also be doing screen captures. It helps if you can associate the audio with what the operator was doing. That is both for a central station operator as well as a customer service specialist.

Point three: Incentivize your operators. It might just be to be named the employee of the week, or it might be time off. Vector, as an example, provides "casual days" for teams that are recognized for outstanding efficiency and service.

Point four: Don't just measure your central station operations by time-on-the-phone. Yes, you want to be efficient, but you don't want to set up a mindset where your operators are just trying to get your customers off the phone as soon as possible. This is your touch-point with your customer; make sure it's a quality experience.

OK, start with those tips, and make a point to attend the ESX show in 2012 if you want more great tips from the CSAA-presented track on central station monitoring. And as an added benefit, ESX is posting videos of select seminars on the ESX YouTube channel here, and you can directly watch the "Central Station Complacency" seminar below: