CareerLink: A simple exercise to advance your career

Review your career based on the 17 essential security job functions

Interview preparation: Making your list will refresh your memory of the things you've done, which is very good when you start interviewing. Most of us have careers that have spanned several years, and when an interviewer asks you to talk about your greatest accomplishments, it's hard to reach back and pull out all the relevant details on the spot. That makes this a good preparatory exercise.

It's amazing how much a little exercise like this can do to enhance your chances of finding and landing the job you desire. Give it a try.

Jerry BrennanAbout the author: Jerry Brennan is co-author of the book Security Careers, and content expert faculty for the Security Executive Council. He is also founder of Security Management Resources, the leading global executive search firm specializing exclusively in corporate security. The new edition of Security Careers includes more than 70 security job descriptions and career paths; up-to-date compensation trends for each position; tips on how to get the best compensation for yourself and your staff; comprehensive lists of certifications, member organizations and job resources; and resume tips and samples.