Video Surveillance Reality Check: Part 5

Industry thinkers weigh in with current perspectives on surveillance industry trends

Patience is still in order as it will likely take until 2011 for a critical mass of cameras and recorders to support standards. It may not be a major factor for real world deployments next year but it is likely to be soon.


While the economy and the disappointment of video analytics has weighed down video surveillance, megapixel, hybrid DVRs and standards are all driving the technology to greater heights that should lead to improved security over the next few years.

About the author: John Honovich is the founder of, a website dedicated to video surveillance. John researches and writes extensively for, providing ongoing and timely analysis of new technologies and emerging products. Prior to founding, John was a successful manager and engineer working closely with security managers to develop video surveillance solutions. As director of product management for 3VR Security, John helped design and deploy industry leading video analytic and facial recognition software for the banking and retail market. As general manager of Sensormatic Hawaii, John lead large scale military and critical infrastructure deployments of video analytics, IP video and wireless video surveillance. Before entering the physical security industry, John was a senior engineer designing IP Video over DSL networks for telecommunication carriers.

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