Dragging casino surveillance into the 21st century

How Bordertown Casino's surveillance director turned out-of-date into cutting-edge

Since the focus of my staff is no longer on a dying system they can now concentrate on their job. In the seven months we have been live on the Datacom system I have tracked an almost 20 percent increase in reports. Also we have done some timed studies that show a 50 percent drop in time required to do a multiple DVR/camera search.

Since we are no longer expending so much time, effort and money on trying to maintain our system, my focus has been on staff training. We have been able to get the staff up to speed on perfect basic strategy, money management systems, table games cheating and slots cheating. With the new training and direction we have taken the surveillance department our casino is now better protected and the surveillance agents morale has vastly improved and along with it their job performance.

My last suggestion would be to review your current system and see how well it meets your needs. Research what is available, even if you're not able to or inclined to replace it at this time. See what technology is out there. Educate yourself in all areas of CCTV, Pelco has a good online course in CCTV; take advantage of it.

About the author: John Ervin is the surveillance director at Bordertown Casino in Missouri. John can be emailed at johne@bordertowncasino.com.