The security week that was: 03/27/09


PSIA device spec finds a home
In my recap of last week, I noted that PSIA had ratified version 1.0 of its API specification. Now I hear that they’re going a step further and will be actually unveiling the fact that one of their member companies, IQinVision, is deploying the PSIA 1.0 device specification into an IQ 4 series camera. The camera is going to be on display at ISC West for the developers meeting (check with the PSIA for details on this Tuesday, March 31st meeting). This, I think, is a big deal, because there were a lot of murmurs within the industry that even with two groups working on IP standards – PSIA and ONVIF – it still could be a year before we saw any device specs and maybe even another year after that before we’d see any actual implementations of those “standards”. Now, the timeline has been re-written since we’re seeing the PSIA specification already installed in an IQ 4 series camera. That’s a sign that this specification/driver may be easier to implement than many thought and that these standards efforts may effect our industry faster than any of us could have believed.
Not slowing down
Companies still launching; finding fertile ground in the world of security
Do you think it would be a tough time to crack the door and enter the security business, especially since many vendors are seeing sales slow-downs and since integrators are seeing shorter “pipelines” of new projects coming their way? You’d probably be right, but at least one manufacturer, Marshall Electronics, doesn’t see it that way and is entering the industry right now. Next week at ISC West, Marshall Electronics will be at booth 19140; the company is getting into industrial and security video with products like IP encoders, IP and HD cameras, DVRs, analog cameras and more.
Speaking of company’s grabbing their wings right now, you’ve undoubted heard of Infinias, which picked up the Pelco Intelli-M access control line (formerly from Integral Technologies) and which has just launched. Pay attention also to The Spy Place, a retail chain selling a variety of surveillance and security devices (we expect much more than web cameras hidden inside teddy bears). The Spy Place will be a franchise chain type of retail company, and the company is actively launching its franchise model now.
In other news:
Chertoff becomes a consultant, OnSSI and Milestone partner, more
Just like Tom Ridge before him, Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff has formed a security and risk-management consultancy firm called, of course, The Chertoff Group. I seriously doubt any firms or government organizations from the Gulf Coast and/or New Orleans area will hire The Chertoff Group to offer them crisis management tips based on the initial Hurricane Katrina response that Chertoff oversaw. … You don’t see this very often, but two of the biggest competitors in the IP video surveillance management space, OnSSI and Milestone Systems, have worked out an “ingredient OEM” relationship to allow the XProtect and Ocularis systems to work together. … AlarmLink is rolling out an automated service for dealers and central stations that can test your customers’ lines. … Money is a bit harder to come by for VC-funded tech firms these days, but BriefCam found $2.6 million; the company offers technology for quickly reviewing and scanning through hours and days of DVR footage.
I want to close with a couple of notes from We’ll be located at ISC West booth #4123 as part of the Cygnus Security Media booth (Security Technology Executive, Security Dealer & Integrator, Locksmith Ledger, Security Technician), so come by to meet with our editors or see what we’ve been up to. The second item is that we had a very successful webinar yesterday with representatives from Las Vegas and Atlanta discussing municipal security and surveillance. The webinar is now archived, and so you won’t be able to pose questions to our speakers, but if you’d like to view the program, head over to the registration page and enjoy an insightful hour-long presentation on city surveillance use cases and best practices.