A look inside the 'new' ADT

Acquisition of Brink's Home Security and organization restructuring points company toward future, over hurdles

Gursahaney Kenning noted three changes to the commercial unit as Gursahaney unveiled the "new ADT". First, there has been the unit's advances in integrating more complex technologies. Second, Kenning said the firm is responding to technology changes. Finally, the commercial sector is still wrestling with economic conditions around the world.

ADT's commercial unit is one of the largest systems integration firms in the industry, and ADT's ability to provide technical integration solutions primarily dates back to the acquisition of integration firm SST in June 2008. Those capabilities of SST (often called ADT's Advanced Integration unit, which is part of the commercial division) have now been fully integrated into ADT's commercial business, Kenning said.

In terms of technology, Kenning notes that the company is trying to lead with these new technologies. IP-connected video and access has received the most attention, but Kenning said he's really interested in wireless technologies. "The world is going more than IP," Kenning said. "It's going wireless. We're driving that across the ADT commercial organization." Kenning added that ADT is also studying cloud computing closely; he said that cloud computing and hosted service offerings create a great deal of opportunities for the security industry.

Gursahaney responded to the economic conditions affecting the ADT commercial organization.

He noted that economic conditions are not the same the world over. The Asia-Pacific region, Gursahaney said, is doing "very well," but he noted that Europe is facing serious problems as connected to the bankruptcy of Greece. The U.S. commercial sector, he said, is sending out "mixed signals", with some market segments starting to look promising, but with others still in the midst of a recession.

Nonetheless, his overall response provided hope of better days for commercial systems integration.

"We are clearly seeing signs of increased activity out in the marketplace," Gursahaney said. "Customers are talking about projects that may have been shelved, but we are not yet seeing a pick-up in orders activity. … It is a mixed bag out there. The leading indicators look favorable but we're waiting to see what happens to our orders activity."