Six signs your service probably stinks

Alarm company managers take heed: Spot the signs of bad customer service

As company managers and owners, the hardest pill for most of us to swallow is the answer to why morale is so low. Here’s a hint: It may have to do with how you conduct yourself. How employees feel about working in any organization is like a river; it always flows from the top down. What is the big boss doing to instill a sense of empowerment and passion throughout the company? How are challenges addressed and who are in positions of leadership throughout the organization? Consider proactive steps you can take to instill pride throughout the company, and examine how (or whether) your management team hands out rewards and recognition.


Ask the following questions: Do you actively train employees and managers with tools to make their work life easier and more rewarding? Is there a team spirit in your organization which nurtures accomplishment, or is everyone in fear of making a mistake and covering their “you know what”? Do you empower them to make decisions? And if so, how do you train them to make good ones? Low morale is the most costly of the six signs, and one which is blamed on something else far too often.


There are obviously more than six signs to identify service that stinks, but these are the top ones to take a hard and honest look at immediately. If you recognize any single one of the six as something happening at your company, I highly encourage you to focus some meaningful attention toward redirecting it. If you recognize more than one, every minute you procrastinate and keep telling yourself how great your service is will cost you big in direct, out-of-pocket dollars. Being too frugal to train your team is penny wise and thousands of dollars foolish! Those of you who proactively train and make corrections to these issues will have little trouble taking the other guy’s dollars and putting them in your pocket -- especially in today’s economy where customers are looking for a good value for their dollars!


Today, exceptional service has become the exception to the rule. When you make the effort to improve it even just a little, you will be rewarded with sustainable loyalty and profitable growth simply because your competitors aren’t and their customers know it. Always remember the rule: A satisfied customer is eight times more likely to switch to a competitor than a delighted customer is. Mere satisfaction isn’t good enough and unless you heed the signs, I’m sorry but your service probably stinks.

About the author: Bob Harris is Founder and President of The Attrition Busters. With over 30 years in the alarm industry, he provides seminars, business consulting, and workshops to help great companies become even better. Bob can be reached at (818) 730-4690 or by email at Learn more about The Attrition Busters at