DVTel announces next generation intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V6

Ridgefield Park, NJ, April 1, 2009 -- DVTel, Inc., multiple award-winning market leader in the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks , today announced the release of the next generation of the award-winning intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) Version 6.0, at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV, April 1 -3.

DVTel, the first company to advocate unified solutions and intelligent Security Operation Centers is now promoting a new concept in the physical security space – The Dynamic Workspace.

DVTel's iSOC V6 management platform and unique plug-in architecture allows for the customization to meet the exact needs of customers.   In today's demanding environments, it is necessary to quickly respond to security threats and breaches.   Situational awareness and agility can only be obtained through a dynamic workspace solution.   The many modules available within the iSOC create more than just a unified management system – it is a virtual reality for everything the security professional needs in a physical security solution. The iSOC V6 dynamic workspace will allow specific users within the organization to tailor their security operation center to their specific objectives and allow immediate intelligent action while reacting to a threat or situation.

DVTel's intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V6 is an open platform which includes a growing family of DVTel solutions including Latitude Network Video Management System, SceneTracker Situational Awareness and Adaptive Visualisation Technology (AVT), CaseBuilder Incident Reporting and Management System, Longitude IP Access Control, and Mentor Agent Recording and Training Software.    Many of these modules are new to iSOC V6 and they are all improved to keep with the growing demands of our thousand of customers, and tens of thousands installations managing hundred of thousands IP cameras worldwide.

DVTel's intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V6 open platform further enhances DVTel's industry leading in scalability, redundancy, high definition image quality coupled with real-time multi compression standard support of H.264 and MPEG4.

iSOC is the only open standards, IP-based security management center that unifies video, audio, data, access control, sensors, trend analysis and alarm management functionality into one enterprise physical security center.   iSOC has the flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities required to provide a truly future-proof solution.

DVTel President and CEO, Eli Gorovici , “DVTel's commitment to our customers is unmatched.   Customers are embracing our solution from superior technology to 24/7 technical support to our dedicated sales staff and experienced professional engineering services team—DVTel's customers experience more than just world class service, software and hardware solutions—they also experience the peace of mind that only comes when dealing with the industry's most experienced team of specialists committed to keeping business safe and secure.”