The security week that was: 11/21/08

A weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

Verizon Wireless workers, the company has admitted, used their inside positions to breach the cell phone records of Barack Obama while he was campaigning. … Survey data from Unisys indicates that right up until the news about our nation’s economic downturn, our fellow citizens were more interested in national security than the economy. … Two Chinese engineers, one a U.S. citizen and one who was not, have entered guilty pleas in their corporate espionage case. According to the case, the Chinese men had stolen technical data on computer chips. The espionage victimized companies such NEC Electronics, Sun Microsystems, Trident Microsystems and Transmeta Corporation. … ASIS International is working to adapt British standards on business continuity planning and management. … The Arizona Alarm Association is now a member of the NBFAA. … The NYPD and the Department of Justice are sparring over domestic surveillance, with the DOJ saying the NYPD is trying to break the laws that control domestic surveillance, and with the NYPD saying the DOJ doesn’t want the PD to protect its city. … The hijacked oil supertanker, The Sirius Star, is being held for a $10 million ransom by the pirates. The reported value of the oil cargo alone is approximately $100 million. On a positive note, India’s navy is reported to have destroyed a ship which had been a floating home base for some of the area’s pirates. Insurance premiums for these shipping companies, however, are now on the rise due to this security risk.