Access control technology at ASIS 2010

A quick look at the technologies and trends that mark the access control business

Brivo Systems

Brivo Systems has been in the business of providing access control in the software-as-a-service model, and the company said that it has been experiencing 45 percent year-over-year growth in this area. One of the hot growth areas for the company in the SaaS arena has been with retail customers. At ASIS, the company also noted that its ACS OnSite Aparato access system has earned FIPS 201 approval. Aparato 3.0.2 (the newest version) adds an alarm control panel and has the "swipe and show" interface, which keeps the last 8 persons who have badged into the building displayed on the user interface for quick review by the security operator. They've also announced a deep integration with Exacq's video management system such that video surveillance is imported directly to Aparato upon a user-definable event (an alarm, a door accessed, etc.).


PlaSec is also heralding its integration with Exacq, according to PlaSec's Kevin Wine. The company's product line supports much of the feature sets on Mercury hardware, but the hot aspect of this company is how it handles its databases. The data structure is LDAP, and that relational directory means the company can directly share the same data that's in company's HR databases, as opposed to having to occasionally sync a physical access database with the HR database and the IT users database.