Mobotix discusses its business strategy at partner conference

Looking to increase its presence in the North American market, security solutions manufacturer Mobotix hosted a National Partner Conference on Monday in Atlanta to talk with dealers and integrators about the company's background and its business strategy.

Founded in Germany in 1999, Mobotix is best known for its "decentralized concept" when it comes to surveillance. Rather than making cameras that require the use of recording software and a video storage device, Mobotix integrates everything into the camera itself including storage at the edge through the use of an SD card, two-way audio, microphone, alarm management, and e-mail alerts. All Mobotix cameras are also high resolution and stream video at 3 megapixels.

Mobotix Chief Sales Officer Dr. Magnus Ekerot, who delivered the keynote address at the conference, said that the company is growing at a "very, very rapid pace" and that its sales have increased by 45 percent in the last six months. He also noted, however, that the company is not just a security camera manufacturer.

"We see ourselves as a manufacturer of total systems," Ekerot told the audience.

In addition to cameras, Mobotix offers video management systems, as well as cabling and connectivity products. For smaller installations with up to 16 cameras, the company offers its MxEasy VMS solution, which allows for fast and easy configuration of an entire surveillance system. On the enterprise side, an unlimited amount of users and cameras can be added to systems that use the company's MxControlCenter video management software.

Mobotix also announced several new products on Monday that are already available or will be soon including the D14 camera, M14 DualNight camera, PatchBox weatherproof Ethernet connection box, T24 Hemispheric IP Door Station, Mx2wire adapter set for transferring Ethernet and PoE using analog lines, and CamIO interface base unit for M12 cameras.

In a meeting with members of the media, Ekerot said that he expects the retail and transportation markets to be key verticals for Mobotix, as the company's products can help reduce the amount of total cameras per installation. Steve Gorski, the company's general manager for the Americas, also identified education and municipal surveillance as key verticals moving forward.

Gorski said that Mobotix has placed a heavy emphasis on increasing its brand recognition in the North American market and will be participating in more industry tradeshows, including conferences that are vertical market specific such as CEDIA, NRF and NECA. The company also has 15 partner trainings planned in the upcoming months and will be hosting monthly webinars that focus on sales and technical topics.

"I think we are well positioned for some of the challenges we are facing in the market," he said.

Ekerot added that Mobotix wants to increase its global market share in network cameras to 20 percent by 2013 or 2014 and to also establish the company as a major player in the building automation/ electrician channel. He said it's important that the company not solely focus on security solutions, but to also diversify its product portfolio.

"It's important for us to be a very agile company and to move into different areas," he said.

Ekerot also explained that while the company wants to increase its presence in the U.S., it's not going to do so at the risk of harming the reputation of their product.

"We go to great links to make sure we are not over distributed," he said. "We are not building cameras for NASA, but we are also not building really low cost cameras. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best."