Gish Technology launches new video surveillance calculator

Want to avoid that glazed-over look when trying to explain pixels per foot on target to potential customers? A new software application offers hope.

End users need to know exactly what they will be getting, aka, what the specification will 'look' like, with their camera installation but explaining it can be a challenge. A new visual acuity software application from Gish Technology Inc., Indianapolis, a video surveillance consulting and software company, has been about 12 months in the making and now just released.

According to Kurt Gish, president of Gish Technology and recent speaker at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium 2011, the Video Surveillance Calculator, called vsCalc is available for $9.95 at the Apple App Store, listed under reference utilities.

Gish wrote the application, compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and with Android and Windows functionality under way and set for release this spring. The appropriately named Gish Index is a visual acuity reference for video surveillance that identifies usable and unusable picture quality, focusing on three parameters: detection, recognition and identification.

"Rather than try to explain to potential end users or customers terms such as pixels per foot on target, the application is capable of showing exactly what the visual acuity will be, based on certain parameters," Gish said. The intuitive calculator involves four on-screen steps; select the object of interest--face, license plate, car or truck; select the visual acuity index value--0.43, 0.53, 0.63 or 0.73 where 0 is an unusable image and 1 is a perfect image; enter the target distance from the camera to the object of interest; and, select the model and make of camera from a drop down database. Once those parameters are selected, the field of view, angle of view and focal length are displayed.

"With this application, you don't' have to talk about pixels per foot on target anymore, Gish said. "You can easily show the users what they will get."

With a free download of color-coded AutoCAD blocks and Visio stencils, Visual Acuity Index Modeling is now possible for everyone.

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