Becoming FIPS 201 compliant is a challenge

How AMAG Technology helped the DoD become PIV compliant

Symmetry has given the DoD a migration path from the Common Access Card to the CAC-NG (next generation) without replacing any readers. AMAG is committed to supporting FIPS 201 and will continue working with customers on future changes that are made.

The Physical Access Control System is only a part of the overall picture of FIPS 201 compliance. While not specifically required by the standard, business process rules can be handled in a more automated fashion when the PACS is integrated with the Identity Management System (IDMS). The Symmetry system from AMAG Technology has the integration capability to allow such a solution as the requirements of the DoD may demand. Since then, Symmetry Security Management Solutions have been selected by a multitude of federal, state and local governments because it cost-effectively delivers the most reliable, flexible and technologically advanced converged security solution available. AMAG Technology will continue to dedicate time and resources to the DoD as standards change and upgrade over time. AMAG is proud to be a committed partner to the U.S. Federal Government in assisting them to become FIPS 201 compliant now and into the future.