Linear establishes new audio, video and control group

Carlsbad, Calif., April 6, 2010 -- Linear LLC, a company with solutions for security, whole house automation, lighting, and HVAC control, announced today that it has formed a new business unit inside the company focused on its audio, video and control businesses, and that Mark Terry will serve as president of the group, which will be operated out of Carlsbad, Calif.

The new audio, video and control group of Linear combines Niles Audio, Xantech and ELAN Home Systems (Aton, Sunfire, HomeLogic). Presidents of those business divisions will report to Terry, who brings experience from JBL and Harman and is said to be adept at integrating business lines. Terry was the former president of the Harman Pro Group and previously was president of JBL's Professional Group.

"The formation of this new group, and the appointment of Mark Terry to lead it, marks the start of an exciting new chapter in the history of each of these iconic brands,” Linear LLC Chairman Grant Rummell said in a statement announcement the group's formation. “Niles, Xantech, and ELAN have all played historic roles in the markets they serve. Now, joined together into one business unit, they will continue to shape the future of their markets. Working together they will be able to collaborate on the development of new technologies that will result in a new generation of audio, video, and control system solutions that meet the whole house automation, security, lighting and HVAC needs of our global customer base."

"Our goal is to create a larger portfolio of clearly defined, integrated, and networked based product offerings that bring meaningful innovation and value to our whole house automation, lighting, security and HVAC control customers," Terry said. "This is what we achieved at Harman and it is precisely what we will achieve here at Linear."

Linear LLC is a subsidiary of Rhode Island-based Nortek Inc.; Nortek's product spread includes residential and commercial ventilation, HVAC, and home technology convenience and security products.