Eye on Video: Is a high resolution camera your best option?

When and how to choose a megapixel or HDTV camera

P-iris comparison

Are megapixel and HDTV cameras right for you?
Megapixel and especially HDTV are breakthroughs for surveillance, providing you with unprecedented clarity and detail. But to make an educated decision as to whether to deploy the technology, you need to understand how the potential drawbacks will impact your surveillance system. If the benefits outweigh the limitations, then the next important step is to comparison shop among vendors to make sure the megapixel camera you choose supports the features you need. Because of the complexity of these types of cameras you will quickly realize that not all megapixel and HDTV cameras are created equal.

Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis CommunicationsAbout the author: Fredrik Nilsson is General Manager of the Americas for Axis Communications and author of the book Intelligent Network Video. He is a regular expert contributor on topics of networked video surveillance systems and cameras.