Eliminating alien crosstalk in high-bandwidth IP networks

Testing should be performed in the field when deploying 10GBASE-T

Because the number of links to test and the time to test each victim/disturber combination can be significant, choosing the right field tester can save time and trouble. A field tester that does not require a computer for data acquisition or double testing of each victim/disturber combination can cut 75 percent of the total alien crosstalk testing time, while also eliminating the need to bring a computer into the field.

About the author: Dan Payerle is the business unit manager for datacomm testing with IDEAL Industries, and has been actively involved in the LAN cabling business providing network design, testing, troubleshooting, consulting and training services for a variety of companies over the last decade. Working with several national training companies, Dan developed training programs for copper and fiber optic installation courses, and created curricula for trade schools to use in the process of becoming nationally accredited. Over the past five years, he has trained many hundreds of people in both the private and defense sectors. He can be reached by phone for questions on this article at (800) 854-2708 x7148.