The security week that was: 10/24/08

A weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

In the building automation and management space, Johnson Controls has purchased Gridlogix. ... Some 50 letters have been sent to banks and other financial institutions with a threat of "payback"; some of the letters contained a white powder that proved to be harmless. The FBI is investigating the letters. ... Fights on the campus of Western Kentucky University were apparently misreported as gunfire incidents and the campus was locked down earlier this week. Students are now being questioned in relation to the incident. ... Those millimeter wave scanners for full-body screening continue to catch flack from those who like a little privacy. The machines can see everything about your body and, yes, I do mean everything. The current concept is to blur a person's face on the screen and set up the machines such that the machine's operator would never see the actual person who is being scanned. ... Motorola is selling off its AFIS biometrics business to Sagem Securite (dba Sagem Morpho in the U.S.).

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