Ocean Presence Technologies debuts AquariCam OPT-12HD

July 28, 2010, Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT), Santa Cruz, California is proud to announce a new addition to its line-up of high-definition underwater cameras. The AquariCam OPT-12HD complements the OceanCam-HD and the AquariCam-HD pan-tilt-zoom models. This new Full HD fixed lens camera provides the highest resolution available with a wide fixed lens and up to 120x optical/digital zoom. The OPT-12HD transmits H.264 compressed 1080i video with bi-directional audio. Thousands of visitors can simultaneously view the full high-definition live video stream.

Building on the proven reliability of our other underwater cameras, the OPT-12HD delivers Full HD video with an excellent 16:9 picture quality at 30 fps. The Internet-ready HD camera supports H.264 and Motion-JPEG compression.

The imaging system uses a HD-CMOS with approximately 2 million effective pixels.

The AquariCam-HD can cover a wide 50- degrees of monitoring area with great efficiency. It features a 10x optical with an additional 12x digital zoom. Using digital zoom with standard definition video cameras generally degrades image quality.

High-definition image sensors now make digital zooming practical without significant image quality loss.

The OPT-12HD was designed for public aquariums, especially for use in small tanks. Cameras are connected using a single hPoE (High-Power-over-Ethernet, IEEE802.3at compliant) marine-rated cable. Our unique Double-Bore sealing system employs two concentric o-rings for double protection. Pairs of sealing o-rings protect the housing from boring marine organisms.

Although initially designed for shallow water applications, the OPT-12HD can be confidently deployed in the ocean and has a depth rating of 180 feet (55 meters). Solar-powered wireless networks enable remote deployments with up to a ten-mile range. Underwater lighting, floating battery packs and wave generator power systems are also available.

The OPT-12HD is our most affordable high-definition underwater camera system. For more
information on this and our other HD-IP cameras, please visit www.oceanpresence.com or email: Robert.Aston@oceanpresence.com.