Milestone Systems shares info on direction of company

At MIPS 2010, execs from VMS firm Milestone execs detail the road ahead

That transition to supporting SD card recording came as a sign of good news to at least one of the integrators in attendance. That integrator said he had been using Milestone for city surveillance projects and wanted to use Milestone to manage video recorded in police cars, but was challenged when trying to understand how to "dump" that video the central management system during off hours when the officer and the car returned to a central police station. The future development of synchronizing the upload locally recorded video piqued this integrator's interest, who otherwise faced limitations on how to extend the Milestone VMS to mobile assets.

In addition to sharing details on the direction of the company and its products, Milestone has hosted presentations from a number of partners (including IBM, Sony and Axis Communications) and discussed case studies (Luxottica, Korea's IFEZ city surveillance project).