The security week that was: 07/16/10 (Air Marshal ROI)

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But while proving the negative is the common way that security managers and technology sales persons operate, it doesn't always float, and it certainly didn't float for George Campbell. If you want to know how to present ROI and security, read Campbell's article and then go out and buy his book "Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security." He teaches how to prove the positive of a security program, rather than speculate on perceived ROI from negatives.

In the meantime, we're going to wait to see if there's any response from the TSA Federal Air Marshals Service. It's already been one month and I haven't seen anything from the FAM program defending its effectiveness. Maybe they're reading Campbell's book and reviewing their ROI.

In other news:
PSA's new education program, TSA argues with GAO, Oil rigs and terrorists

Some chemical facilities aren't meeting those CFATS deadlines. … PSA is launching a new educational program. … The TSA is refuting the GAO claims that TSA needs a contingency plan because it isn't even close to being ready for August's deadline to implement 100% commercial air cargo screening. … Virginia Senator Jim Webb is calling for protection of oil rigs from terrorists. … EasyLobby reported strong earnings in the first two quarters of 2010. … Law enforcement crackdowns are linked to a drop in alarm system scams in Texas.