Alarm industry recognizes leaders during ESX

Baltimore, Md., June 24, 2009 -- At ceremonies held in conjunction with the Electronic Security Expo, an alarm industry tradeshow occurring this week in Baltimore, Md., the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) and the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) recognized members who are some of strongest cornerstones of their respective groups.

During the "Industry icebreaker luncheon" in the Baltimore Convention Center, SIAC presented its William N. Moody Award following a presentation to the audience by Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson, whose presentation discussed how his department often works with the electronic security and life safety industry to protect lives. SIAC presented its 2009 William N. Moody Award to Robert A. Bonifas of Alarm Detection Systems of Aurora, Ill. SIAC noted that Bonifas lead the "Model Cities Project" that later led to the "Model States Project" – two efforts that helped create model ordinances for false alarms. Bonifas was also credited for developing the False Alarm Analysis Program, a program for aiding police in analyzing false alarm dispatches. Bonifas was also involved with the ANSI/SIA CP-01 panel standard for false alarm reduction. A former president of SIAC, Bonifas serves on the coalition's board of directors and remains involved with alarm management issues constantly.

Later that evening, the NBFAA brought together many of the most dedicated alarm industry supporters for the Weinstock & Jackson Awards Reception. The NBFAA started by recognizing some of the association's top sponsors, including Honeywell, GE, ADI, Altronix and the Security America Risk Retention Group. Then the association got into the real business of the night.

The group recognized Ron and Beth Cain with lifetime membership for their many years of efforts supporting the national association and state association efforts.

Up next for recognition was Michael Stainbrook of Toledo, Ohio. Michael is a recent graduate of St. John's Jesuit High School who father is a firefighter. Michael was recognized as the 2009 Youth Scholarship Award Recipient. The award is partially chosen based on an essay that the sons and daughters of first responders are asked to write about their family member's life safety efforts. The funds from the scholarship are helping Michael attend college, and the program itself is designed to recognize the value that first responders provide to our industry.

Following recognition of the 2009 Youth Scholarship Award, the industry turned its attention to the primary awards of the evening – the Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award and the Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year Award.

The Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award is presented every year in memory of the 1950-1951 NBFAA president, and is typically presented to recognize that person who has provided service leadership in chairing an NBFAA committee – a volunteer duty that takes a lot of time and effort and which is sometimes rarely rewarded. The 2009 Sara E. Jackson Award was presented to Rick Simpson, vice president of technical services for Vector Security. NBFAA President Mike Miller said this of Simpson: "When you've met him, you know you've met a leader."

Following recognition of the Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award, the association turned to the Morris F. Weinstock Award, which is presented in honor of one of the associations co-founders. The award is considered the NBFAA's top honor and recognizes very long-term dedication to the needs of the industry. Following an on-stage recognition of previous award winners that was something of a "Who's who" of the alarm industry, Ralph Sevinor was named the Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year. Sevinor is president and owner of Wayne Alarm in Lynn, Mass..

More awards are to be presented this morning, with the Central Station Alarm Association holding its annual awards breakfast today.