What mall security can learn from 'Paul Blart Mall Cop' movie

New slapstick movie gets into a few underlying issues of retail security services

3) No matter how much the store associates "guarantee" that the merchandise is on the suspect, never, NEVER stop and question or search or accuse a suspect, regardless of how much the associates plead. The associates are violating company policy by trying to get the person apprehended.

4) Communicate profusely with stores on what the risks are to the stores and training on what mall security can offer the stores -- then do it.

5) Patrol the lot and common areas to take care of public safety, control crowds, intervene in fights, deal with the potential for violence, and, in the near future, respond to terrorist attacks.

6) Post pictures of convicted shoplifters with community service messages about shoplifting on ad boards.

About the author: Liz Martinez is a retail security expert and the author of the book "The Retail Manager's Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention." She can be contacted through her LinkedIn.com webpage or via e-mail at retailsecurity@gmail.com.