Why product development as a service works

A new option in technology development for security technology manufacturers

In the end, whether product development is done in-house using full-time resources, or OEMs look to the outside for help, OEMs must maintain differentiation for their products and software solutions, while learning how to best leverage their critical internal core competencies. Subsequently, the OEM should look for product development solutions that best enable them to succeed for the long-term. Having sat in the OEM chair myself, I believe there is a better way to obtain cost-effective product development than what has been available in the past. Product development as a service provides both the short-term benefit of tapping into badly needed skilled resources to address immediate needs, while at the same time, provide the OEM complete control of their own future.

About the author: Richard Kramer is president of Security Industry Services, Inc. and SIS Development, Inc. SIS (www.sisdevelopment.com) provides end-to-end product development solutions for OEMsterm. Prior to leading SIS, Richard led formidable organizations within major OEMs.