Practical tips to reduce video surveillance infrastructure costs

Designing storage systems by using camera simulators and employing new storage options

For example if five dedicated external NVRs were to be deployed, then the installer could eliminate these five NVRs by running the applications on the storage hardware already deployed. Here’s a breakdown on the cost comparison:

Comparison DAS Clustered NVR SAN Savings
Dedicated NVR servers 5 0  
Server cost @ $3K/server $15K $0 $15K
Server power & cooling 5KW 2.XKW 44%
Rack space @2U/server 10U -0- 10U


In today’s cost-sensitive environment, those integrators that manage the infrastructure costs of video surveillance bids will provide more competitive bids and retain higher margins. Using a camera simulator allows integrators to run performance tests with the actual NVR application, determine maximum performance, and more accurately estimate retention times. The use of clustered storage can also help by reducing over-provisioning and simplifying re-allocation of capacity and bandwidth in the field. The latest implementation of clustered storage also eliminates dedicated NVRs.

About the authors: Lee Caswell, is founder and chief marketing officer at storage technology firm Pivot3; Steve Surfaro is strategic channel manager and security industry liaison at IP video company Axis Communications.