Eye on Video: Design, mechanics and installation for surveillance

Adding intelligent design, mechanics and installation to network surveillance solutions

Solution: The company opted for a small network camera specially designed for quick installation in a dropped ceiling. Equipped with a mouse trap-like mounting mechanism, this camera is inserted into a hole cut in the ceiling tile and locked into place with mouse trap springs and then covered with a magnetic ring. Installation takes about five minutes, eliminating the need for screws or removal of the ceiling tile. In keeping with today’s concern for aesthetics, the magnetic rings, which can be seen from below, come in a variety of colors to complement store dĂ©cor.

Making intelligent choices

While intelligent design, mechanics and installation represent different aspects of intelligence, all three are tightly interconnected. Intelligent design may spur intelligent mechanics to achieve a certain aesthetic, and intelligent mechanics often make cameras easier to install. Keep in mind that though design is important, functionality should ultimately take precedence. A beautifully designed product that lacks key features or robustness will be of no value to a user.

About the author: Fredrik Nilsson is general manager of Axis Communications, a provider of IP-based network video solutions that include network cameras and video encoders for remote monitoring and security surveillance. His "Eye on Video" columns appear in the "columns" section of SecurityInfoWatch.com CCTV section, and in select issues of Security Technology Executive magazine.