The security week that was: 12/12/08

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In other news:
Biometric trends, Tyco corporate move?, Durham's police cams, more

Looking for a good summary of what the trends are in biometrics? Check out our interview with Unisys regarding their Unisys Security Index. ... Corey Ranslem of Secure Waters LLC offers his take on the piracy situation, especially off the coast of Somalia. ... Venture capital is harder to find, but continues to come in for some companies; Intellio was one of them. ... Tyco, parent company of Sensormatic and ADT Security Services, is considering moving its corporate headquarters from Bermuda to Switzerland.

Durham, N.C. is struggling with its police camera system. In a blog post and the following comments section, I review some of the tactics that work and don't work in municipal surveillance, and former integrator-turned-analyst/consultant/video guru John Honovich adds his own as well. Feel free to add your own thoughts in our comments, too.

Panasonic and mobiDEOS are out with a remote home surveillance solution. ... A member of our forums is looking for wide-area intrusion detection products to introduce in Spain; join the forums and give him your tips on what's hot. ... And finally, though it's not purely security, the feds released excerpts of recording from wiretaps they placed around Illinois Governor Blagojevich. If ever there was the perfect reason to use a wiretap, this guy was it. Call the garbage man; this piece of trash from Illinois is starting to stink.